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q : How long did it take you to make this ?
a : Varies from piece to piece, but the smallest amigurumi can take as little as 15 minutes. Something like mushroom pals take about 2 hours.

q : What's inside the amigurumi ?
a : Polyester fiberfill. Same as in stuffed animals.

q : How long have you been doing this ?
a : Since I was about 9. My grandmother showed me once, and later I got a book and taught myself the rest from that, free patterns on Ravelry, and crochet and knitting blogs.

q : Can you make me a _____ ?
a : Commissions are currently closed.

q : Do you sell your patterns ? What yarn and hook size do you use ?
a : I sell patterns on Ravelry. For amigurumi I use worsted weight yarn and a G/4mm hook.